Online Albumproofing is the link
between you, your customers and
the book printers

With Online Albumproofing it is quick and easy to share a designed album with your customers. By changing the background and logo on the page, the album page looks like it is part of your own website.

After having created the individual pages in a design program of your own choice, upload them to Online Albumproofing. You can then verify the design, let the customer approve the book and then have the book printed with a few mouse clicks.

We currently cooperate closely with four different book printers and soon we will offer more. If you would like to suggest a book printer, please contact us for more information.


Creating an album is quick and easy

Online Albumproofing provides information on resolution and measurements for book pages. You can design the pages in Photoshop, Illustrator or any design program that you prefer.

Once you are finished, upload all the pages to Online Albumproofing. Select all the JPEG-files you wish to upload and click on "Upload". If the pages have the wrong dimension, you will be issued a warning.

Once uploaded, you can drag and drop pages to change the ordering.


Show your book

With Online Albumproofing, photographers show their personally designed books for customers. Above the book you can place your company logo - either to the left, in the middle or to the right.

Would you like to change the background color? We recommend that you upload your logo and specify a hex value for the background color to match your own website.
After your book pages have been uploaded, a flippage book is created automatically.

In the flipbook, the customer uses the mouse to flip pages. A realistic sound effect is used to give the impression that you are browsing through a real book!


Immediate customer feedback

When customers are browsing the flipbook they can write comments and request changes from you. Below each page is a text area where comments are written and sent. You will receive an email and can browse through the comments either in the mail, or online.

In this way, customers can review book at leisure and you will be notified as soon as they are done!

Customers who are happy with the book can press "We approve" and you will receive a confirmation that they wish to proceed with the order. If you wish, you can disable the comment boxes and only let the customers approve the book.

Once the customers have approved the book, only a few mouse clicks are needed to send the book pages off for printing.

Here is one example of a customized presentation site. Thanks to Brigitte Grenfeldt for allowing us to show her beautiful book. (The password is "brigitte")