Terms and conditions

Online Albumproofing.com (Spreadbook) is a web based application where photographers can upload their designed photo books for customers to see. Using Spreadbook, photographers can communicate with customers and order photo books directly from the book printer. Spreadbook clients approves our terms and conditions by signing up for, and using the website Online-Albumproofing.com and its service.

All orders will be received and carried out according to the premises outlined above. The order confirmations sent to the client after an order is taken as an approval to our terms and conditions. Deviations from the above only apply if they have been confirmed in writing.


Copyright for all uploaded files and photographs always belong to the client and/or customer who has uploaded the files/photographs. Spreadbook does not assume ownership of uploaded files.


Spreadbooks liabilities extend only to the Terms and Conditions described above. Other conditions or agreements (i.e., claims for damages and regardless legal reasons) not mentioned in Terms and Conditions are invalid unless Spreadbook has breached the contract negligibly. Claims are limited to compensation for material loss. Spreadbook has no liability or responsibility for compensating cameras or similar equipment.

Processing of files

Uploaded files from the client and other information sent to our servers are treated in accordance with current regulations for data protection.
Our servers are kept in Germany.

Prices and payment

Our invoices are according to the latest price lists. Invoices must be paid, in total, within 10 days after the date they were written. Late payments are charged an additional 5% interest. When outstanding invoices have not been paid in time, we reserve the right to deny access to Spreadbook with immediate notice. We reserve the right to demand payment before delivery when deemed necessary.

Data protection

Our customers are informed about the extent, intent, scope and purpose of Spreadbook's methods of transferring personal files when ordering. In addition, our customers are informed about their rights when Spreadbook uses the customer's anonymised user profile for market research and design adaptations (cf., "Terms for data protection"). Upon accepting Spreadbooks "Terms and Conditions", the customer also accepts Spreadbook's activities, transfer of files and offers to participate in further customization of the service, based on the data protection restrictions specified on our website. The customer holds the right to terminate his membership from Spreadbook. The customer is aware that unpaid invoices must be collected.

Other provisions

Failure to mention specific parts of this contract, partially or completely, does not mean that the agreement is void. In such a case the involved parties must come to a fair agreement. Contract disputes will be settled according to German law in accordance with United Nations "Contracts for the International Sale of Goods - CISG". This agreement is void when local regulations take precedence in the current country. Court hearings are held at Photoconnect's city of Sundsvall, Sweden.